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Take Your Nails From DRAB to FAB!

Hey ladies!!

Me again! I wanted to hop on here and share with you my recent experience with a new nail kit I tried from Amazon! This is completely UNSPONSORED and just something I did my research on to find. If you've been around for a while, maybe you've read my post on how to save over $400 a year on your nails by buying an at home gel nail polish kit and UV light. Well, I have always been obsessed with having my nails done, and I just don't feel like myself unless my nails look clean and kept. I always try to keep up with the latest nail fads, and recently discovered the gel DIP. Slightly different than the gel polish that cures with a UV light.

Now, I love love love gel polish. It always look so shiny and beautiful, and the color lasts so much longer without chipping than regular polish. However, I am super hard on my nails, and the gel polish never seems to last as long for me as it seems to last for other people! I am constantly whacking my nails against stuff, getting my nails dirty, etc, and I was looking for an option besides getting acrylics because those totally RUIN my nails.

After discovering SNS Dip powder I was hooked. Basically, this process consists of painting your nail with almost a nail glue-type polish, and dipping your nail into a color powder. You do this a few times to build the thickness and color, file and buff right on top of the color just like the acrylic powder, and top it off with a top coat. Then in 3 weeks or so it grows out and you go, have them removed, and have a new color applied with the same process. My favorite thing about this... IT DOESN'T CHIP! It lasts beautifully, and the only time it starts looking gross is when it starts to grow out. Andddd, you can do it right over your real nail.... and it doesn't ruin your nails!! It's really incredible.

Since I was hooked, I was going to the salon every 3 weeks exactly to have the colors swapped. The salon that I was going to was great, and the mani cost about 35 dollars, and of course I tipped. So my mani was costing anywhere from 40-45 dollars every 3 weeks. This really adds up. I thought to myself, hmm... I think I could do this myself and save some money! After doing my research, I stumbled upon this kit that came highly recommended on several sights, and can be purchased right off of Amazon.

The kit that I got comes with all of the polished needed for the dip process (a prep, activator, base, and top coat, along with a brush restorer-- the base and top coat are like glue and the brush gets a little cake after a few uses). It also comes with a nail cleaner, lint-free clothes, a nail buffer, and 3 powders (clear, pink-- what I used, and a sparkly red).

I won't talk to much longer here, but I just wanted to give my review in case you were interested in trying something new, or if you're familiar with the nail dip and also don't want to keep spending what feels like millions on dip manis.

The kit cost me $68.19 on Amazon. Which means if you use the kit TWICE, you've already gotten your moneys worth compared to the price of one dip mani at the salon. The base and top coat dry very quickly and so you need to work fast and make sure you are paying attention. Also don't get too close to the cuticles because as they start to grow out, things can get caught on the uneven edges of the nails.

The link to the kit:

NOW.... I've had them on for about a week... and they are holding up GREAT! I am obsessed. I am excited to purchase other colors and continue to give myself the manis and save some money. The reviews online and on amazon are mixed, and it is a touchy process so it might not turn out perfect the first couple of tries. Since I've been doing my own nails (gels, acrylics, etc) for a while mine turned out pretty good for the first go. I definitely recommend if you're a DIY gal like me!




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