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Subscription to SPARKLE!

Hey guys!

So excited to share a new product I recently tried! If you have been following along for a while now, you know that I’ve been doing my own nails for the past 6 months or so. Of course I love heading to the salon every once in a while for a good “pampering me” day, but consistently going to the salon to keep up with my nail game really starts to add up. I started thinking... “I think I can do this myself.” I did some research on the best at home (and still affordable) nail kits. I’ve done my own gel nails, my own acrylic nails, but fell in love with the SNS dip powder. Since starting my own dip nails, I’ve become a manicure addict. I religious do my nails. Every 2-3 weeks I give myself a mani pedi and I look forward to putting on some Netflix after a crazy week, kicking back, and coming up with a new and creative manicure.

Sparkle & Co reached out to me recently about their product, and I got really excited to try a new brand of dip powder! What I thought was especially cool is that they offer monthly subscription boxes for their product. We know that monthly subscriptions are huge right now... But I never was interested in them because they're a little pricey and I felt like some companies were sending things that gave you fun and new items, but things I would probably never use. Since I KNOW I am going to be doing my nails every 2 weeks... this subscription for Sparkle & Co dip powders seemed like a win for me.

In their box, they send 4 dip colors... all galaxy themed for October. SO cute! They also sent a liquid to use to apply the power, a peel base, a super cute sticker, and the packaging.... adorable. They really went above and beyond to make you feel like you were opening a gift just for you. I felt like it was Christmas morning opening this box.

The product applied really well. I actually used the base liquid also as a top coat and it worked really well. The colors they sent are definitely out of my comfort zone (and they were sure to send sparkles of course), but I love how the final mani turns out. I can mix and match the colors to create a fun multi colored look, but also commit to one beautiful color for the whole look. There are so many combinations I can do with the colors they sent.

I think Sparkle & Co nailed the newness factor with their monthly subscription of nail dip powders. It gives people the chance to not only get excited about a monthly package, but gives them an opportunity to get creative every month... which is what I love the most.

Thank you so much Sparkle & Co for sending this over! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my new nails, and am sure to pass along where it came from!

AND... we know I love saving $. Be sure to use my discount code to save some money on your Sparkle & Co purchase! RAWDESIGN15 at checkout for 15% off!

Check out my story highlights on my Instagram under “Collabs” for my unboxing!





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