Thank you for stopping by! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and why I started this platform! My name is Rachel, I'm 25 years old, and I work full-time as a fashion designer... my dream job! My boyfriend and I live right outside of NYC with our fur child, Phoebe. She's the cutest and sweetest french bulldog in the world!

I started this platform when I graduated college. I wanted to dress fancy. I wanted to wear all of the designer things. Reality was, I was BROKE. Student loans quickly approach, and real life hits you like a bus after college. Also, can you believe they don't just hand out jobs after you graduate? They are actually REALLY hard to find! After months and months of applying to jobs with no success... I opened my own online boutique with the pennies I'd manage to save. I wanted to give young women a place to shop where they could be trendy but AFFORD to shop. Everything on my site was under $50, and I also handmade items that I'd sell as one-of-a-kind pieces! I did this full time during the week, all while waiting tables at night and on the weekends at a local restaurant to keep my inventory at my boutique stocked. Finally, the opportunity to work as a designer in NYC finally happened... so I put my boutique on pause, and am currently working in the big apple! I feel very blessed to have my dream job, and also proud for working towards something I wanted. A big takeaway here, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Work hard, and don't take no for an answer. Keep pushing. 

Fashion has always been my passion, but one thing I have always been is a realist. I know that not everyone has the funds to shop til they drop. One conversation I found myself having a lot was, "wow, Rachel, I love your top," to which I would respond, "thanks, it was $5!" My friends and family encouraged me to start this platform to share my other passion with the world- DEALS. What I hope to show women everywhere, is that you don't have to go into debt trying to dress cute. There are ways to scan the sale racks, hit up the thrift stores, shop at discount stores, even scour facebook marketplace, and STILL look put together. I won't lie, I splurge here and there, it's ok to treat ourselves now and then. But, I want to be resource that shows you how to BALL ON A BUDGET, OK LADIES?! 

I hope you enjoy my finds, and always reach out to me if you are looking for something special, need advice for where to shop, or even just want to say hi! I'm just your friendly internet gal pal, always lookin' for a deal. 

What I won't talk about is how much money I spend on Dunkin, and the occasional Starbucks. That's personal.