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Sunday Savings!

The first Sunday Savings of 2019! One of my 2019 goals is to keep my blog posts more consistent! I've really enjoyed creating content since I first started my blog and instagram in April, however, I'm really determined to grow in this new year! I am going to try and start planning my content out much farther in advance, and I would love to hear feedback on what you'd like to read! What are you looking to save money on? House decor? Hair? Nails? Clothes? Let me know and I'll try and search for the best deals and steals to share!

That being said... let me introduce the theme of my first Sunday Savings post of the new year! In 2018 I went on the Keto diet after graduating from college and lost about 20 pounds. I'm looking and feeling better than I have in years, but lately I've been slacking on my "diet" (lifestyle change, if you will), due to the holiday goodies. Maybe one of your New Years resolution is to get back in shape, or focus on a healthier you! However, we are also all probably suffering from the holiday hit to our bank accounts. I always try to keep myself on a budget, but after the holidays I am always wayyy behind on my budgeting. How do I get cute work out clothes to get back to the grind, if I am broke after the holidays?! Well, that's what I'm going to show you today! Adorable work out clothes ALL under $25.00!


Aerie: $23.97


Okay guys I hope this helped! Definitely check out Old Navy and Aerie right now, I've noticed their work out pieces are on super sale! Such affordable prices! Walmart & Target always have good work out finds as well! Good luck with your New Years goals, you got this girl!!




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