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My Top 3 Sale Shopping Hacks!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Hi Friends!

Long time no chat. Do people still read blog posts? Not sure. But for those of you who do, I wanted to share some of my sale shopping secrets. What is no secret, is that I'm a cheap-o. I love a good deal. Don't get me wrong, I love a good designer piece, but what I understand... is that they're not always practical. I started my major sale rack scanning when I graduated from college and was BROKE. As I get older, I've kept up with my sale rack shopping... because why build up the credit card debt when you can wear super cute outfits, have great make-up looks, and furnish your house.... AFFORDABLY.

Here are my TOP 3 tips for ballin' on a budget:

1. Be patient. I know that it is much easier said than done, but refrain from impulse buying! Whenever I see something I like, I tell myself two things. One, if I am still thinking about this in a week or so, then I'll think about buying it. Two, if I wait it out long enough, chances are... it'll go on sale. I know the pressure to buy something you like when you see it can be hard to say no to. BUT trust me, you'd be surprised how quickly things go on sale AND how much stuff you forget about. The stuff you forget about, well, that is a couple extra bucks left in the bank for something you'll really like later.

Hat: $7 Walmart clearance, Top: $6 - Forever21 50% off clearance

2. I know it is hard to do with COVID now, and how comfortable you feel with going in-store, but I find the BEST deals in store. Think about it, stores constantly get new stuff. They're going to run out of room to put it, so it goes on sale. The internet is endless.... stuff online stays full price WAY longer. I find things in store on major sale, and then find the same thing online for full price. So, if possible, or when COVID is finally over, go into the store! Online shopping is super convenient, but if you're looking for a real STEAL... they're in the stores.

Dress in-store: $16.99, Dress online: $21.99

3. Don't be ashamed or afraid to shop second hand. NO ONE is above a good thrift find. When they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure," it is SO true. I have found SO many good finds in the thrift stores, on Facebook marketplace, and in discount stores. Sometimes I think people feel like if they shop on Facebook marketplace or yard sales, that it will look obvious. Tell me something, does this bedroom look like I got this headboard on Facebook marketplace for $20? Or that I got this bedding for $50 at a discount store because the bag had a rip in it? Or that I got this rug for $30 and had to scrub a giant bright blue stain out of it? Nope. But for under $100, I was able to put together this adorable bedroom set.

Headboard: $20 FB Marketplace

xoxo, Rachel


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