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Sunday Savings 2!

Hello hello everyone! First, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to everyone who has served, and continues to serve for our country. Your bravery and selflessness does not go unnoticed!

Next, welcome back to another segment of Sunday Savings where I share with you some of my favorites sale finds of the week! Last week I selected just 5 random items I found that I thought were perfect for fall and a great price. Today I think I am going to focus on something that I'm sure many of us always love to find on sale, and if you're like me, you probably need a new pair pretty often from how much you wear the ones you have. SO. Here are a few booties/boots, perfect for fall/winter/holiday, that you can grab within your budget!


Okay guys... I hope you enjoy these boots/booties! Some of these are currently from the Charlotte Russe 50% shoe sale so make sure you grab them while you can (the original price of all of them is still a good price, but of course we want the 50%)!

Check back next Sunday for another Sunday Savings post! Have a great week!




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