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Spring... IS that you?

WOW I thought the sun was never going to be seen again...

Today is sunny and 75 and I plan on enjoying this amazing weather before the snow hits again next week... I don't know about you, but I am so ready to break out my birkenstocks for GOOD! I thought I would hop on here and share with you some of my favorite staples of spring weather! Obviously I love a good sun dress, and those are always easy to find super cheap. The problem with today, however, it is super windy. So what am I going to wear?

Today I am breaking out the birks, and trust me, I know these are investment for a pair of sandals. I bought mine about 2 years ago on a study abroad trip to Croatia for only $57, and they have lasted me forever. That being said, spending the $99 dollars on a pair of birks here in the US is totally worth the money. BUT, if you still can't bring yourself to drop a hundred dollars on sandals, and I can't blame you (I plan on wearing mine until the soles literally fall off), there are so many other affordable options that look exactly like the originals. I even have a pair of platform "birks" from Primark that I am OBSESSED with... so don't feel like you have to have the million dollar birkenstocks if that's not in the budget. There are many other options for you that allow you to achieve the same exact look.

NOW, what should I pair with the birks today? I'm thinking some high waisted and distressed "Mom Jeans." (I really want to wear a dress, but this wind is telling me that is not the brightest idea.) My mom jeans are actually just a pair I bought from Goodwill and distressed myself. I KNOW there are tons of companies that sell ripped up boyfriend jeans for tons of money, but I'm here to tell you that you can achieve that look with some $5 Goodwill jeans and some scissors!

Lastly, what top should I wear? Because I'm wearing jeans and it's going to be warm I'm thinking a plain t-shirt tied in a little knot and a black bra-let peaking through to add some depth to my outfit. I might even add a sweater over this look when it gets chilly! One thing I love to do when I style outfits is to layer!! This doesn't mean wearing a sweater over a shirt, or wearing 12 t-shirts to stay warm. By layering, it always looks cute to pair a shirt with a bra-let underneath that peaks through, maybe adding a long sleeve shirt under a strappy sundress, or its even wearing an oversized cropped crew neck over a body con midi style dress. Layering adds interest to your outfit and makes it look like you've been planning that outfit for weeks and spent hours getting ready, even though all you did was throw your 5 year old plain black shirt under a dress you picked up at Forever 21 for 10 bucks! Layering is very trendy and is one of my huge hacks for creating an interesting look.

I hope these small tips help you to put together a comfy, springy outfit on this amazing Spring day, and don't forget to check out my instagram for daily outfit updates!! Get out, soak up the sun, and hit up a local coffee shop near you-- I know that's what I'll be doing!!

Here are some links to some cheap alternatives of birkenstocks!

Option 1 (LOVE these, and a good deal!):

Option 2 (Okay, I'm obsessed with all black so I may have to purchase these... also a FAB deal!):




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