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Save on Popular Styles!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Hi everyone!! I've been slacking a little on my Saving Sunday posts because things have been sooo busy on the weekends, especially with the holidays approaching. However, I just wanted to hop on here because lately I've been finding sooo many great deals on the Forever21 Sale racks and I wanted to share some with you all. Maybe you've noticed I've been posting a bunch of cheap sweaters I've been finding, so here are some you can purchase as gifts for your gal pals, or even for you to wear around the holiday season!

This sweater is so cute and giving me all the 70's vibes! Only $8.95!

Hope you found some great pieces to add to you sweater collections... for ALL UNDER $15.00!!! Amazing!! Also... if you haven't heard, I've joined the amazing family! So make sure you find me on there to shop all my amazing deals and steals, and of course I share all my finds on my instagram as well! Just a quick sale post for today! Happy shopping, and happy holidays! Feel free to DM me any great finds YOU find while your out shopping this season!

@_raw_design on insta!




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