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Falling For Fall on Budget!

Hi everyone!

I wish I had more time to post and be active on my blog. When your juggling blogging, and working, and trying to figure out life, I feel like it becomes easy for the things you enjoy doing to take the back burner. I'm definitely trying to step up my instagram and blog game and get back into the swing of things like this summer, because making time for the things we love is so important!

That being said, if you follow me on instagram or have read my previous blog posts, maybe you know that my whole platform is promoting affordable fashion. Of course it is easy to dress on trend when there is no budget for clothing. I want to show you that even if you have a budget, or you just don't want to spend a ton of money on your wardrobe, you can still dress adorably! So many people talk about affordable fashion being a dress that costs only $100.00. Or talk about their best finds under $100.00. I wish I could spend 100 bucks on clothing but that just isn't going to happen right now. SO. Today I am going to point out some of the biggest trends I'm seeing this Fall and show you where you can achieve that same look at an ACTUALLY affordable price.

Here are some of the biggest Fall trends I'm seeing, that you can purchase without breaking the bank! Enjoy!



Camo is definitiely making its comeback this season. I'm seeing everything from camo tees, to joggers, to jackets, and accessories. If you're willing to jump on the camo train, maybe some of these looks are perfect for you!



We are totally channeling our early 2000s with this cheetah/leopard print style coming back!


Waffle Knit Tops

These adorable and comfy tops are huge this fall. they look adorable by themselves, and pair perfeclty with layered necklaces or your favorite scarf.


The Sherpa Pullover

Thanks to my very sweet boyfriend, I have become OBSESSED with my Southern Shirt Co Pullover. However, it does retail for $108.00. The quality is great so if you wanted to splurge I definitely recommend. However, if you still want the Sherpa Pullover look for those comfy, casual days, here are some more affordable options!

$12.88 (Note, the Walmart website is sold out of these, but my local Walmart has these hanging up in outerwear right now! So check your local Walmart!)


I'm going to wrap it up there for today... I hope you enjoyed some of these fall staples in camo, leopard, waffle knit, and sherpa, and maybe one of these pieces will fit perfectly in your on-budget wardrobe this season! Til next time!




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