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Coffee Stains are For Clothes, NOT Teeth!

Hey ladies!

I have something very exciting to tell you guys about today. As you know, I am huge on affordability when it comes to beauty and fashion. One thing that has never really been in my budget is taking care of the yellow tint I’ve always had on my teeth from the OBSESSIVE amount of coffee I drink. I mean, all I drink besides water is really coffee (yikes). This comes with a price… and that is yellow teeth. Going places to have your teeth whitened can cost upwards of $500. Definitely NOT in my budget!

With a busy lifestyle, I also wanted an option for teeth whitening that was easy to use and quick. Something that I knew I could do while folding laundry, writing blog posts, sewing garments, etc. I was very happy to find Smile Brilliant, that made all my teeth whitening dreams come true.

Smile Brilliant is a #1 dental recommended at home teeth whitening kit (it’s legit), that allows you the conveniency of whitening your teeth at home, on your own time, at an affordable price!

The custom-fitted whitening trays make it a comfortable and consistent whitening process to show the best results. When ordering a Smile Brilliant kit, it comes with a teeth molding kit, so that you can create a mold of your own beautiful smile to send in and have custom trays made. After receiving your custom trays back (in just a few days!), the whitening process can begin! (They even provide you with a prepaid postage label and envelope to send your molds in, so there are really no added costs once you purchase your kit!)

The whitening process is so easy, which was my favorite thing. I had never really used any whitening products before, besides purchasing whitening toothpastes, because I was always too nervous that I wouldn’t do it right. All you do, is line your trays with the whitening gel, and pop it in. After that, you’re free to fold laundry, do homework, watch your favorite Netflix show… really anything!! It doesn’t hinder you from doing anything, and you can let the trays sit anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how long you want!

After the whitening gel, they also provide you with a desensitizing gel, so that any discomfort of sensitivity doesn’t bother you either… They really have thought of everything! (AND the whitening and desensitizing gels don’t taste bad!! That was one thing I was nervous about. But they really don’t taste like anything!)

Now, I know what you’re wondering… how much does this cost, and what all does it come with? Is it worth the money? How many extra fees are there once I buy the kit?

There a several kit options. The one that I have is the T3 System. The T3 Kit costs around $149.00. (And ONLY $149.00… no sneaky charges that come up later… I hate when companies trick you into paying all these added fees!!) This kit is perfect for me because my teeth aren’t SUPER yellow, but just yellow enough that I have some insecurities about it. Of course I know the cause of my yellowing… coffee!!! So I thought this kit would be perfect for me, and it was. The difference between kits is really the amount of whitening gel that you are getting, so you can decide how much help your teeth need and decide which kit is perfect for you!

In this kit, it comes with the molding clay so that you can make a mold of your top row of teeth, and also your bottom row (and they give you an extra mold putty in case you mess up one of the molds… there’s no stress or pressure here at all!!). They provide you with an envelope that is prepaid with postage to send the molds back, enough whitening gel for around 9+ whitening sessions, and also the same amount of desensitizing gel to use after each whitening session. They also include several pamphlets of directions, that are VERY straight forward and easy to use. There’s nothing left unanswered, and it is all step by step with pictures for people like me who don’t feel like reading a whole novel of directions!

I’ve always been a little insecure about the yellow tint I’ve had every since I can remember. But whitening sessions professionally were never in the budget, and any other whitening products at the drug store always seemed anti-user-friendly and expensive. The whitening toothpastes always help a little, but I never see any drastic results. Smile Brilliant gave me my brilliant smile back, kept me within my budget, and gave me the confidence to show off my smile once again.

The whitening process really muted the yellow lines on my two front teeth. This has always been my biggest insecurity in my smile.

Theres more!


Because I think this kit is so amazing, I am partnering with Smile Brilliant to give one of you lucky readers a chance to try this kit for, yep you guessed it, FREE! Smile Brilliant is giving away one Whitening Kit and all you have to do is click this link to enter… it’s so easy! (Like actually easy, not one of those 6 hour long contest entry forms). The giveaway kit has a value of of $149.00!!

Click here to enter the giveaway!


You can also purchase a kit of your own and save a little extra money by using my discount code: rachelweidner15. You know how I love saving money and shopping affordably, so heres an extra 15% OFF!

What’s your teeth whitening story? Are you ready to #smilefearlessly?



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