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Christmas Gifts for Under $20.00!

Hi everyone! Depending on where you are... happy snow day! I'm from the Philadelphia area and today is our first snow fall of the year! Exciting and annoying all at the same time. It's fine if you don't have to go anywhere but it is certainly putting a damper on any errands I needed to run today.

If you're snuggled up by the fireplace or in bed today from the snow, or will be tonight after work, maybe you're starting to think about what you are going to start getting people for Christmas. You probably know what you're going to get your parents, siblings, best friends, boyfriend/husband, etc. You know that you sister has been dying for a new pair of boots, or your dad needs a new grill spatula, or your best friend's favorite wine. But we all have those friends and family members we just never have any idea what to get. We also might have some polyannas or other holiday festivities going on that require buying gifts for people we barely even know. SO. I've decided to put together a little list of items you can easily purchase, still staying in budget since this time of the year tends to get a little pricey. I love the holidays, but checking my bank account after they are over is always a little painful (don't get me wrong, it is SO worth it being able to surprise the people you love with things they wouldn't normally buy for themselves).

Mug set!: Mugs are always the perfect gift, especially for polyannas or other festivities that require you buy gifts for people you don't know well. Fill these mugs with candy, or maybe some hot cocoa packets, and wrap them up in a cute gift bag. Everyone loves mugs, and it is such an easy go-to gift!

Meowy: Here's another mug for all your cat-loving friends!

Cookie Mugs: How ADORABLE are these! It's a little garage to park your cookies before dipping! If you have friends or family that are easily amused like myself, these mugs are SURE to be a hit!

Pom Pom blanket: We all love to be comfy and cozy, especially on cold snowy days like today. Grab an affordable throw blanket for all your girls, and maybe throw in a mug, for the perfect Christmas cozy basket!

Gray furry throw: More blankets under $20!

Red and white throw: My personal fav!

Periwinkle Puff Hat: Ahhh... the infamous pom pom hat! Keep your friends and family warm AND stylish this holiday season with these super affordable and adorable puff hats!

"If it's snowing, I'm not going!": This hat speaks for itself...

Necklace coin: The perfect layered coin necklace that all the bloggers have been rocking! For only $10.99! So perfect for a girl who loves accessories!

Lend-A-Hand band: What girl doesn't have a bad hair day every once in a while... These headbands are the perfect hair accessory to hide a bad hair day, or enhance a good one! The best part, $1.00 of every headband purchase is donated to a different cause each month. This month they are donating to Parkinson's Disease. Nothing better than giving back to two people at once-- the person receiving this amazing gift, and the people you are helping with your purchase.

Matching top and bottom PJs: These pajamas are so cute. The perfect Christmas jammies for even you, or your family if you want to all match! Super affordable, and would be so cute rolled up and tied with ribbon for the perfect gift!

Furry Reindeer Jammies: Another favorite of mine... These just look so comfy and cute!

Furry Star Jammies: Another option if the reindeer ones aren't for you!

Jingle pillow: We love a cute festive pillow!!! The perfect gift to add to someone's holiday decor! And the price... well you can't beat it!

Candle: Candles are always a good go-to! If this one is still a little too pricey, try TJ Maxx or Walmart! They both always have great sales and prices for candles, and always have strong scents!


Well, I hope this helps you in your early Christmas shopping, or gave you some ideas of what to look for, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Enjoy your day, and if it is snowy for you, have a fun snow day and drive safe!




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