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BLACK FRIDAY... IS it worth it?

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving spent eating lots of food and enjoying time with your loved ones. As we know today is Black Friday. The day some people wait a whole year for to go and drop hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for what they believe are unbeatable sales. However, I just wanted to hop on here and say I don't personally think this is the case.

Most people shop online. Let's face it, why go out in the cold and deal with the crazies, when you can shop all these sales from the comfort of our own bed? Most of the sales stores have are included on their online stores, so why bother? We aren't trying anything on during Black Friday shopping from the hectic-ness anyway, so why not take the risk at the expense of waiting a few extra days to get the stuff we ordered online?

Now, as a blogger and bargain hunter, I did go out in the craziness last night for a little, and wanted to say that I didn't really find it worth it. Some stores had good sales offering decent prices, HOWEVER, as the extreme bargain shopper I am, I was looking for DEALS not just "ehh that's a decent price for that." Plus, a lot of these stores have sales similar to their Black Friday sale all throughout the year, so for today especially I'm looking for exceptional deals that I can't get throughout the rest of the year. I think I'll be doing the rest of my sale shopping online, and so I wanted to share some places you might want to check out for some decent Black Friday sales to shop for yourself, or your friends and family for the holidays!

1. First is my favorite boutique I always talk about. Everything on the site is under $50.00, and for the Black Friday weekend they are having FREE shipping on all their orders in the U.S. from today through Monday.

2. Forever21 was packed in-store, and they're having the same sale online. 30% off the entire store! We all know how a Forever21 store looks in person, you're better off shopping online for this crazy day.

3. Charlotte Russe is also having Free Shipping on all orders, and they have a section to shop a bunch of stuff for under $20.00. So maybe you find something worth ordering so you can snag that free shipping deal!

4. I personally have never ordered anything from Nasty Gal, but I see a lot of people who do on instagram. They are having 60% off their entire site! They have some pretty cute stuff, I might have to give it a chance today!

5. This was another place that was CRAZY in-store, but is having the same sale online. Aerie is doing 40% off their Aerie Collection, AND free shipping. So literally, what is the point of dealing with the crowd when you can get the s-a-m-e sale from bed. Yanno?!

6. Sperry is having 50% off select styles, another place that is having this same sale in-store. You might have to pay for shipping, but to me it's worth it to not have to go out in the craziness and cold.

7. Depending on what your looking for, maybe appliances instead of clothing, Kohls has some decent sales going on. They're doing Free Shipping on orders over $25.00 as well, so it's definitely worth checking out!

8. I know how popular Victorias Secret pajamas are, and the are having buy one get one FREE for their sleep and some lingerie items!

9. I wasn't completely impressed with Target's sales as far as Black Friday goes, but I did find a super cute PJ set that comes with a sweatshirt, flannel shorts, socks, and a pom pom hat for $15.00. Super cute, and they have some good sales on the daily, so maybe you'll get lucky and find a good deal today!

10. Free People isn't a place I shop at often because it is expensive, but if you're looking to finally splurge on Free People they do have 50% off select styles, and an addition 25% off clearance! Not bad!

11. One of my FAV stores is having a decent sale... I know it's a little pricey but I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this store. So many cute things for gals with a boho style. BUT they are having Buy one Get one FREE on select sweaters and wubbies (aka soft pullovers).

12. Express is doing 50% off everything on their site, and it's looking like they're also doing Free Shipping!

13. Old Navy has 50% off your entire purchase! That's a good sale!

14.Spanx is having 20% off their whole site. Their stuff is pretty pricey... I've been dying for a pair of Faux Leather Leggings from Spanx and right now they're down to $88.00 from over $100... Maybe I'll splurge!


I'll add any other sites I see as I'm searching, but here's a few to get you started! Have fun, be safe if you decide to go out into the Black Friday Craziness, be respectful to the employees that have been working through Thanksgiving and overnight, and remember you don't have to spend your life savings on a few sales...but it's ok to splurge now and again!! ;-)




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