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0.38 cent accessory?!

Hey everyone!

I recently had a very successful trip to Goodwill where I purchased 5 scarves, fabric, shorts, and a pair of genuine red leather sandals with a little heel all for $3.01. That breaks it down to each item being only 0.38 cents. UNREAL. These scarves that I found have become my fav accessory and bad hair day go-to! These are perfect as head wraps, belts, bracelets, an accessory to add on your purse, and so much more!

I've been getting a ton of questions on how I do my hair with these, so here are a few ways that you can use your 0.38 cent scarf to fix your bad hair day!

For this look, you start at the bottom of the neck and begin to wrap it around your head. When you get to the front, you take the two pieces and criss cross them to create this knot effect. Continue to wrap around so that you end up back at the bottom of the neck and tie into a loose knot!

For this look, the scarf is much smaller. Fold the scarf so that you have one long strip about 2-3 inches wide. Start at the bottom of the neck and begin to wrap around head. When you reach the top of your head, tie the ends into a cute bow. Shift the headband over to the side, and if you want, tuck the ends of the bow under the fabric wrapped around your head.

This look is super unique and guaranteed to make people ask how you created it! Take a scarf, and depending on how long it is, wrap it around the base of the ponytail a few times. Then, separate the ponytail into three pieces, add the scarf pieces to 2 of those chunks of hair, and braid normally! Secure with a ponytail holder!

This look is super easy and I see people do this all the time! Put your hair in a sleek, low, ponytail, and wrap a scarf around the base. Wrap around however many times needed (depending on the length) and tie into a loose knot!

I hope these very easy looks give you a little inspiration for a very affordable hair accessory. These are just some of the MANY ways you can use these in your hair! Get creative with them and have fun!




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